House Raising Kerala

House Raising Kerala

Are you looking for the finest house raising services in Kerala, Who is having a proficient team to lift your house with a secure method by jack’s equipment? We are here to represent you with the finest house raising services in Kerala services provider who can help you to get the best to best and safe house raising procedure which will solve difficulty related to the down level of your house.

To provide a quick, reliable, and secure house Raising Kerala, we started our mission with our professional and prepared staff. With the finest equipment and technology, We lift your home and always try not to harm your home at the time of construction. House Raising service is not that much easy, so it needs proper planning and cautious execution. By using hydraulic jacks and many heavy instruments, House raising work can be done correctly. Krishna House Lifting in Kerala. prefers to serve the best quality work to their clients.

Method for Building or House Raising in Kerala

In the house lifting services in Kerala, the technique is based on the transfer of structures by lifting a house with hydraulic jacks. By elevating the structure with jacks, we can also provide a new foundation to the building or also strengthen the building foundation. It will result in a growth of stability of the superstructure and life span of the building. This technique is economical as differentiate from the techniques used conventionally in the repair and restoration of the foundation. But this procedure damage the superstructure may also be minimized.

Before starting the lifting of the building it’s important and necessary to disconnect the supplies of the building like electricity, drainage connection, gas connection, etc. To avoid the obtrusion in the work and for the safety of the people working. The support to weak members is provided to keep away from the falling of members down during the process of lifting as the safety precautions to ensure the safety of the building and workers. Generally, the supports of I-beams are provided as the supports. At first, the excavation is done close by the walls for the application of the jacks, the jacks are applied below the ground beam or keep up of steel beams.

The jacks are applied in the space of the excavation and the jacks are applied and the house is lifted by jacking the jacks simultaneously. After that, the whole house is put up in the air and new walls have been constructing beneath the existing walls, and slowly –slowly after that the whole home is put down and again get attached with the new foundation.

This is the basic simple method that has been mostly used in House Raising Kerala. But this method also maintains the whole home in a cure. Because while house elevates there could be some changes arise that the walls of the house could be injured and for that the whole house must need to be put down for very slow. Contact us.

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