House Lifting Services in Kochi

House Lifting Services in Kochi

House Lifting Services in Kochi is also known as house raising and building jacking is a highly skilled process in which level of the house raises by using hydraulic screw jacks. This process is needed for relocating your entire building to another location. Our prime concern is to provide you fast, reliable, protected and secure house lifting services in Kochi for your house and protect it from natural and manual disasters.

Our professional well-trained staff uses heavy high technology equipment to raise the level of your house without any further damage to it. Once the house is lifted, a new foundation can be easily constructed beneath it. Even if you want to build an entire story below the existing house, then it can also be possible only with house lifting.

How Krishna House Lifting Works

Krishna House lifting service is not easily done. It needs careful planning for execution. Hydraulic jacks and other heavy equipment are used during house raising. Firstly, the condition of the establishment is carefully evaluated and the region is cleared. When this is done, steel I-pillars are slid under the ground floor of the structure, supported by jacks on either side. Solid bits of timber are cross-stacked underneath the raised floor.

The lifting is done at six to ten inches at a time. After each lift, one lot of timber is cross-stacked and this procedure is repeated until the ideal height is accomplished. Once the lifting is done, the hydraulic jacks are released, enabling the structure to lay on the cross-stacked timbers. All the important precautionary measures are taken during the procedure to guarantee the security of the structure and laborers. Serious arranging and coordination are required for the fruitful execution of house lifting services in Kerala. for more information Contact us

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