House Lifting Services in Kerala

House Lifting Services in Kerala

We provide the finest house lifting services in Kerala, we have very experienced professionals, and we are providing the most profitable and best reliable Building Lifting Services in Kerala. If your house is below the road level or regularly water enters inside the houses in rainy seasons then you need to lift up the house. We provide the best house lifting service in Kerala and also this service is rendered by us, keeping in mind all the requirements of our evaluated customers. Our crew members try to avoid damage to our clients’ valuables homes or things while building uplifting. We use only standard-certified technology, tools, and machines to lift the houses so that our clients can get full fulfillment from us. We are also known for up-to-date execution and loyalty; also we offer the House Lifting services In Kerala at appropriate charges.

Procedure for Building or House Lifting Services in Kerala

In the house lifting services in Kerala, the technique is based on the relocation of structures by lifting a home with hydraulic jacks. By raising the structure with jacks, we can also provide a very new foundation to the building or also strengthen the building foundation. It will result in an increase in the balance of the superstructure and life span of the building. This technique is economical as compared to the techniques used conventionally in the repair and rebuilding of the foundation. But this method damage the superstructure may also be reduced.

Before starting the lifting of the building it’s very important and necessary to disconnect the supplies of the building like electricity, gas connection, drainage connections, etc. To avoid interruption in the work and for the safety of the community working. The support to weak members is provided to escape the falling of members down during the process of lifting as the safety precautions to ensure the safety of the building and workers. Commonly, the supports of I-beams are supplied as the supports.

At first, the removal is done near the walls for the application of the jacks, the jacks are applied below the field beam or supports of steel beams. The jacks are applied in the space of the excavation and the jacks are applied and the home is lifted by jacking the jacks simultaneously. After, the whole house is lifted up in the air & new walls have been constructing beneath the existing walls, and slowly –slowly after that the whole home is put down and again get hook up with the new foundation. For more information Contact us.

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